Friday, June 26, 2015

McAfee's Knob @ Cawtaba VA - Overnight Hammock Camping

My good 'ol buddy Kevin came for a weekend visit from Chicago last weekend. When I asked him what it was he wanted to do he had one thing to say:

"Get me up on a mountain, man!"

Not being one to argue, we made plans to take a two day sojourn along the Black Mountain Crest Trail. Unfortunately, poor planning and some bad weather put the kibosh on that trip, and lost us one of the two nights we were planning on spending out in the woods. I wasn't about to let Kevin go home without the experience he came down for, so I began to brainstorm some alternate plans. I remembered the day hike up to Dragon's Tooth near Roanoke, VA that I had taken the summer before and I had really wanted to see more of that section of the AT. So I suggested we head back up that way and hike around McAfee's Knob. The drive up there was short enough that we could do just one night and get back in time for Kevin to make is Monday evening flight to Chicago, so off we went.

We left the house at 6am sharp Sunday morning. After stopping for some delish biscuits and gravy, and spending 30 minutes trying to find the right trail head, we were at the AT parking lot ready to set sail by 10:45

The first mile or so was just a straight shot up the mountain. We were feeling like a couple of fat dudes...

Starting feeling a little better once we could see some view off this beautiful mountain.(Though that feeling went away when Kevin sprained his ankle.. he toughed it out).

After three hours of hiking, we made it up to McAfee's Knob, the most photographed spot on the Appalachian Trail... for obvious reasons.

After hanging out on the Knob for 30 minutes or so and taking a ton of pictures, we started our hike down the other side to our camp site. For whatever stupid reason, I forgot to take any pictures of our campsite. Maybe Kevin has some.

I did get a shot of the camp fire.

The next morning we had to hustle on back to the car and get kevin back to the airport, so we left in some haste. Kevin, being hobbled from the day before, took off before me to get a head start. He may or may not have gotten lost on the trail at one point... perhaps we'll never know.

Did stop to take one last picture of the Knob on the way back.

I found Kevin, and we made it back to the car.

Post hike catfish breakfast!

Even the drive back was a lot of fun. Any time Kevin and I are together we get into some serious harmonizing. Also stopped at Baldwin Farms and picked up some good meat.

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